Monday, October 20, 2008

First Entry, and The Church in Marriage, pt 1

This is my first entry into Ebed Adonai. The term means “servant of the LORD,” (pronounced like "Eved" in Hebrew). Out of respect for all those who consider the Old Testament Scripture sacred, we say "Adonai" for the Lord's Name. I’m a pastor, and the purpose of this blog is to chart my sermons, devotionals and teaching opportunities. It will provide discussion and accountability as well (if anyone reads it!).

The Church in Marriage, pt 1

I read recently of an interview with Vince Lombardi. He was asked about the key ingredients to a successful winning team, such as he had produced in Green Bay over forty years ago. His answer indicated something deeper than the game; a lesson today’s athletes and coaches can be reminded of. He named the basic ingredients for a successful football team, and then said there was one other ingredient that was absolutely essential. Caring for one another. The team had to care for the others guys on the team. Instead of thinking, “Well, this is my blocking assignment, and I’ll do my best,” the guys cared for one another. They thought, “If I don’t block this guy, my teammate’s leg could get broken.” They loved each other.
This illustrates the principle in Ephesians 5:21, which is the theme for the next twenty one verses: “and be submitted to one another in the fear of Christ,” or “out of fear/reverence for Christ.” Examples are given on how to do this as a Christian in marriage (5:22–33), with parent/children relationships (6:1–4), and in working environments (6:5–9). If you haven’t read Ephesians 4:1–6, take a minute to do it before reading this further. That passages is where Paul begins to make specific applications for how we are to treat one another in the church of Jesus Christ. The following is the outline for submitting ourselves to one another, with key points.
I. V. 21, You and I must submit ourselves to one another.
a. Followers of Jesus are to submit to one another because of Jesus.
b. The believers at Ephesus were to submit to one another.
c. Applied in marriage (5:22–33), Home (6:1–4), work environments (6:5–9).
i. The phrase in v. 21 shows us that we are not to place people above ourselves, but our motivation is Christ. We treat others above ourselves not because they are, but because Jesus is. It is out of reverence for our Lord Jesus Christ, the Head of the church.
ii. When we were children, we obeyed our babysitters. Why? Not fear of the babysitter, but fear of the parents when they came home
iii. Jesus will come and judge our actions at the judgment seat of Christ. For that reason, if no other, resist the urge to dominate others, and submit yourself. Forsake yourself. Place yourself in subjection.
iv. Be humble, gentle, patient, bearing with one another in love (remember Ephesians 4:1–6). (Read that if you have not recently).

Next time . . . verses 5:22–24, a wife’s application of this in her marriage, if she is a follower of Jesus.

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Hey Nate,

Lots of great stuff here. The blog looks good. Strong marriages make for a strong church. Keep up the good work. Duane